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It’s not magic. It’s an app called Next Glass.

We’re using science to demystify beer and wine. Know how much you’ll like any beer or wine before you even taste it.

We use science to find beer and wine you’ll love.

Tell Next Glass how much you like drinks you’ve had before, then we get to work using our data algorithms and the unique chemistry of each bottle to deliver your personal score on drinks you’ve never tried.

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High-Tech Science

Our lab analyzes thousands of compounds in every drink we test, taking subjective words like “hoppy,” “sweet” and “oaky” out of your decision making.

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Your Taste

Your taste preferences are your own. They don’t come from crowdsourced ratings or “expert” opinions.

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Everyone’s Personal Score

Will you love or hate that bottle? With our science and your taste, we accurately predict how much you’ll like it before you buy. No more guessing.

See Next Glass in action.

When you search for a beer or wine in Next Glass, you’ll see your personal score on every bottle.

Download Next Glass to get your score.

Snap, explore and compare with friends.

What people are saying about Next Glass.

Honestly, no other beer app is as sleek, elegant, and intuitive as this new kid on the b(l)ock.


The app works remarkably well, accurately predicting which wines and beers I'd like and which ones I wouldn't.

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This is a cheeky little thing, with a tinge of intellectual dark cherry, a hidden layer of populist strawberry and the giddiness of a young, nerdy grape.


If you’re overwhelmed in the beer aisle, and you don’t like the idea of throwing 10 bucks at a beer you might not like, take Next Glass for a spin.

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